Plastik in der Umwelt: Sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven

Plastik in der Umwelt: Sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven

Discussion paper of the Cross-Cutting Topic 4 "Social and Political Dimension of Plastics in the Environment"

Plastic is a material of immense social importance and presence. It is therefore necessary to not only consider technical solutions in order to develop plastic reduction strategies, but also involve the social dimension. If this dimension is understood in detail, social strategies for avoiding plastics and reducing the plastic input into the environment can be successfully developed in combination with technical solutions.

In this discussion paper, the social dimensions of the topic "Plastics in the Environment" are examined from various perspectives and disciplines, thus making them more tangible for researchers in the natural and technical sciences as well as for stakeholders in politics, media and industry. The paper thus serves as a basis for inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation in the development of solutions to reduce plastics in the environment.

The authors point out the challenges that arise in regard of the diverse fields of application and the international circulation of plastics and emphasize that there is a need for action, especially for stakeholders from industry, politics and society. Furthermore, solution strategies should take into account the entire life cycle of plastics and not only address late stages.

These and other findings can be found in the discussion paper, which is available for download [PDF] in German.

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