Cross-Cutting Topic 3

Jürgen Bertling
(Fraunhofer UMSICHT; PlastikBudget)

Contacts PlastikNet
Doris Knoblauch
(Ecologic Institute)
Linda Mederake
(Ecologic Institute)

Cross-Cutting Topic 3: Terms and Definitions


  • to clarify terms and definitions with relevance for the research focus "plastics in the environment".
  • to create a glossary in order to achieve a consistent use of language within the research focus as well as in external communication.
  • to introduce the results into further discourses as well as possible standardisation and legislative activities

Status of work

The glossary for the research focus is currently being compiled. The glossary for the research focus is currently being compiled. The glossary mainly works with existing definitions (including DIN/CEN/ISO standards and legal definitions); additional definitory work is only carried out to a limited extent. Besides plastics-specific terms, the glossary will contain terms such as sewage sludge or soil, which are of importance in the research focus.

The glossary also points out which terms should not be used because they are either ambiguous or controversial in science. The main text of the glossary provides a systematic introduction to the problem area "plastics in the environment". The glossary is supplemented by a keyword index.


Based on the glossary, a handbook on the use of terms in public relations (for scientists and journalists) will be developed.  In addition, a webinar on media relations for the joint research projects is planned, which will provide suggestions for a problem-adequate use of terms.




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