Cross-Cutting Topics

In the cross-cutting topics, scientists from different joint research projects come together in workshops and networking events and exchange views on six topics that have been identified as relevant to all joint research projects. In many cases, joint publications are a result of this exchange.

Cross-Cutting Topic 1: Analytics and Reference Materials
The aim of the exchange within the cross-cutting topic 1 is to harmonize the analysis of microplastics (sampling, preparation, detection) within the research focus for better comparability of results. In addition, comparative analytical tests with defined reference materials are carried out. Read more

Cross-Cutting Topic 2: Evaluation Methods of Possible Effects of Plastics on the Environment (incl. toxicity)
In the cross-cutting topic 2, possible evaluation methods are discussed and coordinated among the participants. A focus of the exchange are possible (eco)toxicological hazards caused by microplastics. Read more

Cross-Cutting Topic 3: Terms and Definitions
Within the framework of cross-cutting topic 3, a glossary will be compiled in order to establish a common use of language within the research focus and for external communication. Read more

Cross-Cutting Topic 4: Social and Political Dimension of Plastics in the Environment
In the cross-cutting topic 4, scientists with social, economic and political science backgrounds exchange in order to avoid thematic duplications, to explore possibilities of cooperation and to give more visibility to the social and political dimension of plastics in the environment within the research focus. Read more

Cross-Cutting Topic 5: Modelling and Life Cycle Assessment
In the area of modelling, methodological commonalities, data needs and possibilities of data exchange are discussed. Regarding Life Cycle Assessments, common assumptions are to be developed regarding the scope of studies and system boundaries for the assessments are to be coordinated. Read more

Cross-Cutting Topic 6: Recycling and Product Design
The scientists in the cross-cutting topic 6 exchange views on different topics related to recycling processes, such as waste and chemicals legislation or the use of recycled products. Read more

Cross-Cutting Topic 7: Biodegradability
The scientists in the cross-cutting topic 7 exchange views on different topics related to biodegradability, such as the state of research with regard to biodegradability or useful application fields for biodegradable plastics. Read more

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