Cross-Cutting Topic 7

Prof. Dr. Mark Kreutzbruck
(University of Stuttgart; ENSURE)
Robert Klauer
(VAUDE Tettnang; TextileMission)
Caroline Kraas
(WWF; TextileMission)

Contact PlastikNet
Doris Knoblauch
(Ecologic Institut)

Cross-Cutting Topic 7: Biodegradability


  • Preparation of a joint paper on the current state of research with regard to biodegradability
  • Making concrete recommendations, e.g. on the use of specific terms
  • Discussion of useful application fields for biodegradable plastics
  • Identification of knowledge gaps and limits to the use of biodegradable plastics


Status of work

A status paper on the biodegradability of plastics is currently being prepared. The paper deals with e.g. definitions and conceptual boundaries, biodegradable plastics, the biodegradability of conventional plastics and the biodegradability in different environments. It also provides an overview of existing standards and regulations.



For the final conference of the research topic "Plastics in the Environment" a workshop on the topic "Biodegradation of Plastics" will be designed. The status paper will be presented at the workshop.

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