14th European Bioplastics Conference

14th European Bioplastics Conference

Over the years, the European Bioplastics Conference has evolved into the leading business and discussion forum for the bioplastics sector in Europe and worldwide.

Keynote speakers:

  • Enrico Nieddu (Merieux NutriSciences) talks about the safety assessment of food-contact bioplastics.
  • Peter von den Kerkhoff (DuPont/Tate&Lyle) will give us an inside view on the technical advantages of polyurethane from renewable raw material beyond sustainability
  • Erwin Vink (NatureWorks) will explain the company’s commitment to 100% sustainable feedstock sourcing, focussing on the sourcing for biopolymers.
  • Long Nguyen Le Thang (An Phat Holding) will present new resins that improve the physical characteristics of biodegradable fishing gear in order to tackle marine littering and ghost fishing.
  • Ramani Narayan (Michigan Biotechnology Institute) will raise the question whether products from captured/recycled CO2 can be called bio-based.
  • Michael Carus (nova-Institute) will talk about bio-based polymers as crucial part of the renewable carbon strategy. .

Tickets for the event and further information can be found on the event website.

03 - 04 December 2019
03. - 04. Dezember 2019
Berlin, Germany
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