1st Int. Conference on Cellulose Fibres

1st Int. Conference on Cellulose Fibres

The aim of the 1st Int. Conference on Cellulose Fibres is to gather technology providers and developers, academia and industry, pulp, fibre and equipment suppliers, retailers and textile brands, policy makers and investors to debate recent market dynamics. To this end, the entire value chain from raw material to end product is covered.

Focus of the conference:

  • What are the recent technology and market trends?
  • What are the future market dynamics? Who is active and interested in this sector?
  • What are the main challenges to develop the value chains and the market demand?
  • Which ecosystems and partnerships are required to drive innovation according to market needs?
  • How will the political environment continue to develop? What will happen with plastic bans, microplastic avoidance, bio-based vs. fossil feedstocks, and sustainability?

Important dates:

31 October 2019: Date of submission for Abstracts and Posters. Registration via website of the event.

11 - 12 February 2020
11. - 12. Februar 2020
Cologne, Germany
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