Exchange Meeting "Terms & Definitions", 14.09.2018

Exchange Meeting "Terms & Definitions", 14.09.2018

On September 14, 2018, scientists from the research focus "Plastics in the Environment" met in Berlin for a first exchange meeting within the framework of the cross-cutting issue area 3 "Terms and Definitions".

In four introductory talks, definitions of microplastics with different focuses were presented (including microplastics in standardization, relevance of substance legislation, microplastics definitions from the point of view of analytics).

In the subsequent discussion, it was agreed that the aim of cross-cutting issue area 3 should be to create a common language for the research focus. To this end, an attempt should be made to agree on a common definition or a common understanding of important terms (i.e. not necessarily to define them themselves).

A glossary will be developed in the further course of the research focus. First terms to be included in the glossary were collected at the meeting.

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