Microplastics in soils – a threat for human health and the environment?

Fertilizer with plastics (Copyright: iamporpla / iStockPhoto.com)

Microplastics in soils – a threat for human health and the environment?

International Conference

The international conference provides an opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge on the topic of microplastics in soils and is aimed at scientists and decision-makers alike. The first day of the event focuses on the state of the science, the second day on identifying technical options and political fields of action at the European and international level.

Research has shown that soils are a major sink for microplastics. A lot is known about microplastics in water, but there are still large gaps in research on plastics in soils, especially regarding the determination, distribution, transport and impacts of microplastic particles.

This two-day international conference features the following topics:

Day 1: State of science
a. Pathways of entries and occurrence of plastic in soils
b. Behavior, fate, and impact of microplastics in soils
c. Analysis of microplastics in soils

Day 2: Need for action by policy makers
d. Technical and management solutions reducing plastic emissions into soils
e. Existing regulations affecting plastics in soils
f. Policy solutions at the European and international level
The conference will serve as an input for developing policy recommendations.

Please save the date in your calendars. More information will follow soon.
This hybrid event will take place on 19 and 20 October, 2022 in Dessau or Berlin, Germany, allowing for both in-person and online participation. The event is aimed at scientists and decision-makers.

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