Wege zum nachhaltigen Umgang mit Kunststoffen

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Wege zum nachhaltigen Umgang mit Kunststoffen

Kernbotschaften sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung

The volume of plastics entering the environment is growing worldwide. Since existing regulations are not sufficient to curb the problem, the ever-increasing plastic production and use must be reduced. A systemic approach is needed that holds all actors responsible who produce, use, recycle, dispose and trade in plastic products and packaging. Policymakers must drive the necessary paradigm shift and facilitate a sufficiency debate across society.

This article summarizes the results of the social science research conducted as part of the research focus in 11 key messages. The results were developed in the course of the following joint research projects (or their social science sub-projects): ENSURE, Innoredux, InRePlast, PlastikBudget, PlastikNet, PLASTRAT, PLAWES, REPLAWA, SubµTrack and VerPlaPoS.

GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society

Beyerl, Katharina; Bogner, Franz; Daskalakis, Maria; Decker, Thomas; Hentschel, Anja; Hinzmann, Mandy; Loges, Bastian; Knoblauch, Doris; Mederake, Linda; Müller,, Ruth; Rubik, Frieder; Schweiger, Stefan; Stieß, Immanuel (2022): Wege zum nachhaltigen Umgang mit Kunststoffen. Kernbotschaften sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung. GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 31(1), 51-53.

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