Discussion paper: Plastic packaging in the supply chain for textiles

Discussion paper: Plastic packaging in the supply chain for textiles

An analysis from the consumer, industry and trade perspective

This discussion paper presents the first findings of the joint research project VerPlaPoS on packaging in the textile industry and its supply chain.

The paper focuses on the role of consumers as well as industry and trade in reducing plastic packaging in the textile industry. The entire textile supply chain is considered and in this context the possibilities to influence the amount of packaging are examined by actor group as well as the limits that different actors face. The preliminary results show that consumers can only have a limited influence on the reduction of plastic waste along the textile supply chain through their demand and sustainable purchasing behaviour as well as through the proper disposal of plastic waste. Industry and trade, on the other hand, could significantly influence the volume of plastic packaging through better coordination between upstream and downstream players along the supply chain, through the use of alternative plastics and reusable packaging, or through their own product design. Studies along the supply chain reveal that consumers, trade and industry have had only limited influence on the reduction of plastic waste until now. The findings represent the current state of research and will be expanded, validated and published together with various practical partners in the further course of the project. The results serve as a basis for continued research in the joint research project.

Britta Frommeyer
Julia Koch
Kristina von Gehlen
Philipp Schmitt
Gerhard Schewe
Tabea Habermehl
Maria Lippl
Thomas Decker
Manuel Lorenz

Frommeyer, Britta; Koch, Julia; von Gehlen, Kristina; Schmitt, Philipp; Schewe, Gerhard; Habermehl, Tabea; Lippl, Maria; Decker, Thomas; Lorenz, Manuel (2019): Plastikverpackungen in der textilen Lieferkette: Eine Analyse aus Sicht von VerbraucherInnen, Industrie und Handel. Straubing.

Joint project
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