Packaging volume and regulatory framework

Packaging volume and regulatory framework

background paper

This background paper was developed within the framework of the Innoredux joint research project and describes which materials shape the volume of packaging and packaging waste in Germany. Moreover, the paper outlines the most important German and European legal regulations relating to packaging in the context of the project. In addition, a glossary has been compiled to explain and define important terms.

The analysis of the packaging volume shows that not only plastic packaging, but also packaging made of paper, cardboard and paperboard has been subject to a continuous increase in consumption over the last 15 years. In terms of volume, this trend is even more pronounced for paper, cardboard and paperboard than for plastic packaging. For this reason, both material groups are in the focus of Innoredux.


Detzel, A. unter Mitarbeit von Rubik, F., Bick, C., Schmidt, S., Kitzberger, M., Holewik, C. (2020): Verpackungsaufkommen und regulative Rahmenbedingungen, background paper of the joint research project Innoredux.

Joint project
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