VerPlaPoS: plastics along the textile supply chain

VerPlaPoS: plastics along the textile supply chain

Article in the magazine "masche"

This article from the German magazine „masche“ portraits the joint project VerPlaPoS. The project examines consumer’s behavior concerning plastics and avoidance strategies at the point of sale.

Investigating the whole supply chain of different textile products, the researchers find that frequent packing, unpacking and repacking of goods leads to high use of plastics. Due to a lack of information consumers are often unaware of this. VerPlaPoS tries to tackle these deficits by increasing the consumer’s awareness of this problem as well as highlighting ways for the industry to reduce plastics in the supply chain.

More information about the project can be found in the article, which was published in the magazine "masche" of the German Maschen Industry Association (Gesamtverband der deutschen Maschenindustrie e.V.) in issue 01/2020 and can be downloaded in German online under this link.

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