New Collaborative Research Centre on Microplastics

Poster of the new CRC. Image: Chair of Animal Ecology / University of Bayreuth

New Collaborative Research Centre on Microplastics

University of Bayreuth Intensifies Microplastics Research

At the University of Bayreuth, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is to establish a new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC). Its purpose is to investigate the biological effects of microplastics in the environment, including its migration and formation.

During the next four years, more than 30 scientists will examine the processes and mechanisms that

  • cause biological effects of microplastics in limnic and terrestrial ecosystems,
  • influence migration of the microplastic particles within and between environmental compartments,
  • cause the formation of microplastics from macroplastics.

The findings should provide a scientifically sound basis for the evaluation of the environmental risks of microplastics. Using the results of the basic research, new environmentally friendly plastics shall be developed, which have no adverse effects on organisms.

CRC 1357: "MICROPLASTICS – Understanding the mechanisms and processes of biological effects, transport and formation: From model to complex systems as a basis for new solutions"

The new Collaborative Research Centre will be headed by Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch, Professor for Animal Ecology at the University of Bayreuth. Prof. Dr. Laforsch also coordinates the joint project PLAWES, that investigates the effects of microplastics on ecosystems in the Weser-Wadden Sea system.

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