PIXI book "Heddi und die Plastik-Helden"

PIXI book "Heddi und die Plastik-Helden"

A story by Dela Kienle with pictures by Alexander von Knorre

Plastic avoidance explained easily.

This PIXI book was created in the context of "Plastics in the Environment". It tells the story of Samia, Johann and their babysitter Tom, who discover a seagull tangled up in a plastic bag on a riverside. After the children have freed the seagull with the help of their babysitter, they explore the reasons for the bird's fate. Tom explains to them how plastics gets from land to sea, how long it remains in nature and how to avoid plastic in everyday life with simple decisions. 

An educational story for young plastic heroes and their parents.


– This book is no longer available. –

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