Analysis of Microplastics - Sampling, preparation and detection methods

Analysis of Microplastics - Sampling, preparation and detection methods

Status Report

This status report was prepared within the framework of the cross-cutting topic 1 "Analytics and reference materials" of the research focus. It summarizes the contents of the project discussions and coordination within the cross-cutting issue. The organization of this ongoing process of development or elaboration has been supported by several events.

The status report presents a summary of the physicochemical methods for the analysis of MP used in the research focus "Plastics in the Environment". The present recommendations are based on the current state of knowledge of the analysis of MP and are directed at actors in science as well as potential users in practice.

Scientists from the following collaborative projects of the research focus participated in the preparation of the status report via workshops, contributions and feedback loops: EmiStop, ENSURE, MicBin, MicroCatch_Balt, MikroPlaTaS, PLASTRAT, PLAWES, RAU, REPLAWA, RUSEKU, SubμTrack and TextileMission as well as the two predecessor projects MiWa and BASEMAN.

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