Tracer-Based-Sorting. Vereinfachte Sortierung von Plastik

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Tracer-Based-Sorting. Vereinfachte Sortierung von Plastik

Interview with Jochen Mößlein (in German)

We all know, that plastics are a huge problem these days. Most people therefore separate their rubbish and throw plastic packaging in the yellow bag or in the yellow bin. But there is more that needs to be done. Because this plastic waste has to be sorted again, which is very difficult due to the immense number of different plastics. That is why lots of plastic waste still ends up in incineration and does not find its way back into the circular economy.

The Tracer-Based Sorting system aims to change that. It classifies the different materials and thus makes sorting easier. The technology was invented by the physicist Jochen Mößlein. He is the founder and managing director of Polysecure GmbH. radioeins conducted an interview with Jochen Mößlein in the run-up to the "Plastic in the Environment" theme day.

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